Project Description

Plastic Vacuum Forming (also known as thermoplastic molding, blister clamshell Thermoforming or vacuum molding )

ZHANSHI PACKAGING supply all kinds of thermoformed parts in China


1. Thick sheet blister molding has the advantages of large size, complex shape and inaccurate size requirements.Can replace injection molding, FRP, metal shell, etc.

2. Blister molding has the advantages of low manufacturing cost and short development cycle.Its cost is 1/10 ~ 1/20 of injection molding.

3. Widely used in automobile interior decoration, exterior decoration, transportation, building materials, packaging, medical equipment, household appliances, sanitary ware and sports goods.

4. With the rapid development of plastic industry, the field of plastic thermoforming of thick plate is expanding, and the position of its blister machine is becoming more and more important

Thermoforming Appliance Shell


Bathtub, Air Conditioner Shell, TV Shell, Storage Shelf, Refrigerator Liner, Police Shield,Thick Gauge Electric Tray, Luggage Shell, Light Box, Instrument Box, Half Circle, Golf Car Roof and so on.


Product design→Vacuum Forming(Thermoforming) → 5 Axis Trimming → Quality test → Packing → Container loading

1 manual feeding

1 manual feeding

2 Double furnace heating

2 Double furnace heating

3 Bubble Blowing

3 Bubble Blowing

4 vacuum forming

4 vacuum forming

5 Axis Trimming

5 Axis Trimming

6. Our mold certer

6. Our mold certer


1. Thick sheet blister has a strong ability to resist deformation, compared with other strong hardness metal, not only the price is more affordable, it also has outstanding insulation performance.The application of this technology in the production of 4s shop car logo can not only reduce the production cost, but also more robust and durable, and because of its strong deformation resistance, save the cost of transportation and packaging

2. In thick sheet blister production process.The design and production of beautification effect will be carried out, which will bring a more beautiful visual experience to products, such as automobile signs in 4s stores, and promote the sales of automobiles

3. Thick sheet blister products are lighter in weight and more convenient to transport.Moreover, for the demand of large quantities, it can be made and delivered in a short time, which can completely make up for the traditional production process, which is tedious and time-consuming.Now people’s demand for private cars is increasing, which is bound to increase the need for automobile signs in 4s stores.Therefore, the use of thick film blister technology can meet its needs


Item 1: Buthtub
Material : Acrylic ,PMMA


Air conditioning shell
Item 2: Air Conditioner Shell
Material : ABS, HIPS,PC


TV Shell
Item 3: TV Shell
Material : ABS


Storage Shelf
Item 4: Storage Shelf
Material : HDPE


Refrigerator Liner
Item 5: Refrigerator Liner
Material : ABS


Police Shield
Item 6: Police Shield
Material : PC


Thick Electric Tray
Item 7: Thick Gauge Electric Tray
Material : HDPE,ABS,HDPE


Luggage Shell
Item 8: Luggage Shell
Material : PC, ABS


Light Box
Item 9: Light Box
Material : PC,PVC


Instrument Box
Item 10: Instrument Box
Material : HDPE


Half Circle
Item 11: Half Circle
Material : Acrylic ,PC, ABS


Golf Car Roof
Item 12: Golf Car Roof
Material : ABS, HDPE


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