Project Description

ZHANSHI PACKAGING supply PVC Sheet, Plate, Board for Thermoforming (Vacuum Forming), produced by extrusion machine / extruder


1. Shanghai Zhanshi provides HIgh Quality PVC roll, sheet and board for packaging and thermoforming.

2. Colors : White, Black, Tranparent or any color

3. Product introduction: it can be divided into optical sheet and lamination sheet, with a density of 1.35-1.4g/cm and a light transmittance of more than 88% when d≤3mm. The product has high transparency, no crystal point, no flow grain and other characteristics, it won’t broken by falling hammer impact.

PVC Sheet and Board


Blister Thermoforming, printing, folding box, waterproof, gift, protective film, business card, model, packaging, automobile and electronics, electrical industry, LCD screen and industrial machinery parts, plating mirror, signage, membrane switch, nameplate, protective mask, etc


Single Extruder – Screen Changer – Melt pump – Mold – Three roll calender – Cooling conveyor – Edge trimming unit – Winder of edge – Puller – Winder – Packing

PVC Board Extrusion Line


1. It is a kind of flame retardant material with good chemical stability and only produces low tensile crack internal force.At the same time, its material characteristics also include high strength, high stiffness and high hardness, operating temperature range from -15 ° c to 60 ° c, can be bonded, can be welded.

2. Easy of processing: cutting, welding, bending are very simple.High strength, high stiffness and high hardness;Good electrical insulation;Good chemical stability;Self-extinguishing;Low water absorption;Easy to stick, easy to paint.

3. Low price , low cost.

High strength, high stiffness

High strength, high stiffness

Light transmittance

Light transmittance

No crystal point, no flow grain

No crystal point, no flow grain


PVC Sheet and Roll
Item 1: PVC Sheet and Roll
Material Thickness : 0.1mm-0.65mm
Material width : 700mm or less
Color Transparent or any color
Certification SGS、QS
PVC Board
Item 2: PVC Board
Material Thickness : 0.6mm-6.0mm
Material width : 1450mm or less
Color Transparent or any color
Certification SGS、QS