Project Description

ZHANSHI PACKAGING supply PMMA Sheet, Plate, Board, Acrylic Board for Thermoforming (Vacuum Forming) and decoration


1. Shanghai Zhanshi provides High Quality PMMA Acrylic sheet and board for thermoforming ,construction and decoration.

2. Colors : Transparent or any color

3. The flow growth of PMMA material is worse than PS and ABS, and the melt viscosity is more sensitive to the change of temperature. In the molding process, the melt viscosity is mainly changed from the injection temperature.PMMA is an amorphous polymer with a melting temperature greater than 160 ° c and a decomposition temperature of 270 ° c.The forming methods of PMMA materials include casting, injection molding, machining and thermal forming

PMMA Acrylic Sheet and Board


Light boxes, Advertising signs, Bathtub, Logos, machine cover, Plane windshield, Signal light cover, lamp shade, bulletproof board.


Single Extruder – Screen Changer – Melt pump – Mold – Three roll calender – Cooling conveyor – Edge trimming unit – Take off – Arch Convyor – Guillotine shear – Stacker – Packing

PC Board Extruder


1. Good light transmittance, up to more than 95%;Good toughness, not easy to damage.

2. Good repairability, only a bit toothpaste or soap water can wipe it up.

3. Brightly colored and beautifully designed,

4. The wear resistance of acrylic plate is close to that of aluminum, with good stability and resistance to corrosion of various chemicals

Easy to process

Easy to process

High transparency

High transparency

Super clean surface

Super clean surface


PMMA Acrylic Sheet and Board
Item 1: PMMA Sheet and Board
Material Thickness : 0.6mm-10mm
Material width : 1500mm or less
Color Transparent or any color
Certification SGS、QS