Project Description

ZHANSHI PACKAGING supply PC Sheet ,Board, Plate for Thermoforming (Vacuum Forming), decoration and construction.


1. PC is short for Polycarbonate,it is one of the engineering plastics, it has been widely used worldwide.

2. It has its own characteristics ,advantages and disadvantages. As a kind of excellent comprehensive performance amorphous thermoplastic resin, it has excellent electrical insulation, extensibility, chemical corrosion resistance, dimension stability, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance.

3. High temperature resistance 125 degrees, low temperature resistance -40 degrees, also has self-extinguishing, flame retardant, non-toxic, coloring and other advantages, in every corner of your life can see PC plastic material.

4. The characteristics of large-scale industrial production and easy to process result in its low price.Its strength meet various demands from mobile phones to bulletproof glass.

PC Sheet and Board


Signal light, indicator light, lamp shade, special bulletproof panel, advertisement tower, windshield of automobile, avionics and vehicle, airplane and ship, etc


Single Extruder – Screen Changer – Melt pump – Mold – Three roll calender – Cooling conveyor – Edge trimming unit – Take-off – Arch convyor – Guillotine Shear – Stacker – Packing

PC Board Extruder


1.Impact resistance: the impact force of the endurance plate can reach 3kg/cm. The impact strength of the PC endurance plate is 250-300 times that of the ordinary glass, 20-30 times that of the acrylic plate, and 2 times that of the tempered glass.

2.Transmittance: good lighting, transmittance up to 85~91%, and its transparency can be comparable to glass.Exposure to sunlight does not cause yellowing, atomization, and poor light transmission.After 10 years of UV coating plate light loss is only 6%, PVC loss rate is up to 15%-20%, glass fiber is 12%-20%

3.Light and hard: light weight, only half of the glass, acrylic board 1/3, good adaptability and safety, easy to carry, drilling, cutting, installation is not easy to break, simple and safe construction.

4.Weather resistance, flame resistance, Heat and cold resistance, Good bendability, Soundproof , energy saving, anti-condensation .

High Grade Of Transparency PC Board

High Grade Of Transparency PC Board

High Impact Resistance

High Impact Resistance

Light weight and high hardness


ItemĀ 1: PC Sheet and Board
Material ThicknessĀ : 1mm – 12mm
Material width : 1350mm or Less
Color Transparent or any color
Certification SGS, QS